House Productions is an international Production Boutique. We are one of a few companies worldwide that have vast experience in producing private parties and corporate events, as well as arena and park concerts. Over the years, House Productions has produced numerous, global projects in Cannes, London, Moscow, New York, Athens and many other cities.


We work alongside our clients with a synergetic approach that fulfils the unique requirements of every projects in a diligent, customised fashion. Thanks to our continuous flexibility and adaptability, House Productions has succeeded in producing astonishing visions all over the world.


The head of the company, David Nitzani, has a rich resume spanning over 12 years and he mentors, consults and oversees each and every projects. It is a profound combination of solid business acumen, creativity, problem solving and personal attention that he, along with a similarly talented and dedicated staff, has made the signature attributes of House Productions.